DIY Candle Holder Shade From Favorite Photo


I was inspired by last week’s photography tour of my neighborhood and decided to do something creative with one of the photos I took.

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet because this DIY Candle Holder Shade is super easy to make.

You just need a favorite photo printed on regular paper, a glass candle holder, votive candle, glue stick, and scissors.  A short pillar candle should work too.  The idea is to keep the flame as low in your candle holder as possible so that you can get that magical glow through your photo and also to keep flame far away from the paper.  You can also get the flameless candles for extra safety.


Trim your photo to size.


Apply glue to the side.


Wrap the printed photo around the glass candle holder.


Insert your candle, light it and enjoy!  When you get tired of this photo, you can easily swap it out for another one.

Originally I chose a photo of Maggie because I love her so much and thought it would be so cute.  However, this is what I got:

Don't be fooled by this photo.  She's a sweet dog.  Really she is!

Don’t be fooled by this photo. She’s a sweet dog. Really she is!

Scary!  Maybe you can try this for Halloween, which is right around the corner by the way.

Also, you can see from this photo why you need for your flame to sit low.

I think I’ll stick with the pretty orange flower, which makes a nice contrast to one of my blue walls.


This easy DIY craft project was brought to you by, beautiful ceramics for your home and life.


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